Independent Champ Result Declared

  • About Competition :

    Baalkala designed drawing competition for kids age 5 to 15yrs to explore their beautiful imaginative world. We gave freedom for choosing subject, medium of colors they used and also for medium of paper. We believe that ART flourishes in an Independent environment and kids can show their creativity and thoughts in their interesting way. Free mind gives swing to their artistic sense which results in an awesome masterpiece of ART.

    Congratulations to all Winners and Participants.
    Age GroupWinner1st Runner-up2nd Runner-upSpecial Consolation
    5-9 yrsAryan S. KadamVarada A. InamdarAarya S. SheteNakshtra P. Kulkarni
    Tanisqa R. Joshi
    9-12 yrsGajali P. ThakreVaishnavi A. JagadeSaloni R. MankarYash T. Tanpure
    12-15 yrsSwapnil T. NarayanpureShrinidhi C. PattarkineRadhika A. MhasawadeOmkar R. Lele

    Judges Words to Participants :

    First of all, congratulation to all who participated in the contest because it takes courage to show your creativity and get judged by others. Some key points for kids to remember :

    1. 5 - 9 yrs : BE MORE CREATIVE : Kids aged 5 to 9 are most creative they can draw their world as they like. For making their artwork best let them Dream more. Dream is the best source for drawing creatively.

    2. 9 - 12 yrs : BE CREATIVELY REAL : Kids aged 9 to 12 are exposed to the real world and they can try to draw real life going events. Kids should use both imaginative thoughts with realistic drawing will make their drawing interesting.

    3. 12 - 15 yrs : BE EXPERIMENTAL : Kids aged 12 to 15 are big enough to differentiate real world and imaginative world wisely they can put the things in a proper manner. Now they should try more experimenting with different mediums, papers, styles. More experiments will give them best source of creating something innovative

    Thanks to Baalkala's Judging Panel. Special Thanks to Mr.Patil Sir.

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