World Heritage Week 19-25th Nov 2017

History through ART

As an Art teacher and proud citizen of India, we are happy to introduce this video as a tiny step towards Indian Cultural Heritage awareness.

We encourage parents to participate in this unique activity with their child to make them understand the concept of Ashoka's Capital Pillars and draw their own creative pillar.

Draw a creative Capital Pillar

Baalkala is a unique platform which helps to encourage children, to identify their hidden talent and grow their artistic skills. We believe imagination and creativity are supports to build a child's personality. We wanted to make such platform for children and also for parents who wanted to show their child's art and creativity. So we founded Baalkala in the year 2011.

Art is the best medium to explain our rich history and heritage to the children. So we designed a unique art lesson to understand ancient kingship and their supremacy. This art lesson based on inspiration, imagination, and recreation using creativity. We are taking inspiration from Ashokan pillars which are the masterpiece of the ancient Mauryan art dating back to 300 BCE.

Benefits of activity
  • Appreciate the brief history of the Mauryan emperor Ashoka.
  • Styles and features of Mauryan Capital Pillars.
  • Analyze the structure and anatomy of a Capital Pillar.
  • Recreate creative Capital Pillar with an emblem of their imagination.

This Art activity is designed to develop a sense of appreciation of heritage in children. To Make them aware and understand the values of preservation of culture and History through Art.


Read an article about this History through Art Activity on written by co-founder and Indologist Pallavi Tile in Marathi.

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